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Licensed & Insured FL: CFC1427439 · GA: MP210067

About Steelhead Plumbing

Steelhead Plumbing has been a St. Augustine plumbing company of choice since 2008. We provide both residential and commercial plumbing services to the areas of South Georgia and North Florida. Steelhead Plumbing is a fully licensed and insured company.

The Team:

Steelhead Plumbing is a family owned business run by husband and wife team, Jeffrey and Kaye Anne “Katie” Sabaka. Jeff and Katie take pride in placing an emphasis on exceptional service and customer satisfaction. As a state certified plumbing contractor for the state of Florida and a master plumber unrestricted for the state of Georgia, Jeff has kept his St. Augustine plumbing company on the cutting edge of plumbing technology, utilizing the latest innovations to solve residential and commercial plumbing issues.

Our Technicians:

You can be sure that our plumbing technicians are the best in town, because at Steelhead Plumbing, we carefully select each member of our team and expertly train them in all applications of new plumbing installation for residential and commercial projects. Additionally, each and every one of our technicians and employees strive towards friendly, cooperative and professional in the service relationships.

Our History:

Jeff and Katie come from families with great entrepreneurial spirit so it was no surprise when these two struck out on their own. After being in the plumbing industry for 22 years, Jeff saw an opportunity to create a company that filled a void for residential and commercial companies alike. Steelhead Plumbing was started with the idea that our clients, whether large home builders or individual families, should expect fast, friendly service, combined with superior products and skilled installation.

In 2008, Steelhead Plumbing was founded. Jeff and Katie enjoyed success with building relationships in the community and with prominent home builders in Saint Augustine and surrounding areas. Only a short time after, the mortgage crisis made its appearance and severely affected not only the housing market, but the tradesman whose livelihood depended on the housing market thriving. Jeff and Katie knew this would be a challenging time for a fledgling business, but the same ethics, quality of work and solid ties to the community that helped get their business off the ground, maintained Steelhead Plumbing during this formidable time.

To date, Steelhead Plumbing has completed projects in commercial and residential remodels and new builds expanding their once local business to South Georgia and North Florida.

Combined, our plumbing staff has over 100 years of unique plumbing experience that we use to continually grow and improve our services to resolve your plumbing issues with confidence. As the company has grown, Jeff and Katie have taken a personal interest in keeping trade jobs available to our youth. Jeff works with young adults with an interest in the trade and gives them an opportunity to receive on the job training and gain employable skills that will impact the quality positions available to them in the future. It is with great pride and passion that this first generation family business continues to thrive as Jeff and Katie’s son takes an interest in running the business side by side with his father.


Free Estimates:
We offer full estimates, free of charge.  You will find the estimate process to be friendly, cooperative and professional, while giving a practical solution to your plumbing needs.


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